Valorton Group in partnership with ADCX to combine real estate with NFT

After the DeFi craze came to an end, NFT became a new hot spot in the blockchain industry and ADCX is no stranger to this. The full name of NFT is non-fungible token, which means an indivisible and non-fungible token. Because of its unique characteristics, NFT and homogenized tokens constitute the two main asset types in the current crypto industry. At present, the application of NFT in the industry is mainly concentrated in the fields of art, games, etc., and it is still in the early bubble stage. But through the bubble, we still see the commercial value behind NFT and its application prospects in the real estate business field.

Move real estate to the chain to become NFT

One of the most common problems facing investment in the current real estate market is the cost and market volatility. Real estate transactions need to involve multiple third parties, including licensed appraisers, real estate agents, lawyers, auditors, etc., and all these intermediaries will swallow the profits in the sales process. For this reason, ADCX knows that the physical on-chain through the NFT casting system and the ownership of real estate by the ownership of tokens, will greatly reduce the cost of housing transactions making it available for everyone not only for the big players in the industry. After the real estate is on the chain NFT, its liquidity is far greater than the existence of physical assets. After the real estate is on the chain, the cost of confirmation, mortgage, liquidation, and transaction are all lower than before. The real estate NFT concept developed by ADCX and supported by Valorton Group can realize the separation of real estate ownership and use of rights, and is more scalable.
At the same time, the characteristics of the blockchain can make real estate circulation records more secure, stable and traceable at any time.

Make real estate transactions simple

Valorton Group and ADCX are seeking to provide global investors with the world's largest single asset class-real estate investment with minimum effort and 100% secure. Due to the high barriers to entry for traditional real estate investment, only large-capital groups or groups and wealthy individuals invest.
However, Valorton Group hopes to fragment real estate by NFT by issuing NFT tokens. The value of millions of dollars of real estate will be carried by thousands or tens of thousands of NFT tokens. This method will greatly reduce the threshold for real estate investment. Fragmentation of real estate NFT will increase the liquidity of global real estate. Valorton Group's NFT will soon be put on the ADCX platform. By then, users can purchase, sell and exchange real estate NFTs on their own through ADCX's fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use NFT platform.

Solve the problem of insufficient real estate liquidity

The real-world assets of real estate lack liquidity. This is because buyers, whether as homeowners or investors, consider location preferences, such as proximity to work and schools. This has led to the formation of isolation in most real estate sales markets model, severely limiting the demand potential.
With the rise of the Ethereum network and tokenization, online transactions will now be easily implemented. Through Valorton Group's casting system, casting ERC-721 NFT tokens representing real-world assets will have all the characteristics of encrypted tokens, while also representing the value of real-world assets, which perfectly solves the problem of insufficient real estate liquidity and makes real estate investment Transactions to be accessed without restrictions and borders through the blockchain, making it accessible to everyone.

About Valorton Group

Valorton Group is an investment consulting company with more than 100 years of professional service experience, located in the MLC center in Sydney. The company mainly provides a full range of professional consulting services related to the capital market and real estate development, as well as the investment and financing of real estate, securities and other assets. Valorton Group's professionals come from a variety of disciplines, enabling the team to provide insightful and innovative solutions-whether it is a challenge or a need.
So far, Valorton Group's current investment projects have exceeded 400 million US dollars. The development and management projects include: 9 high-level residential areas, 12 commercial and residential real estate projects (including apartments and office buildings) and 3 commercial office buildings.

About ADCX

ADCX is a cross-chain asset exchange protocol based on the Ethereum network. It is mainly used in the fields of NFT asset mortgage lending and NFT liquidity mining. The decentralized financial system that integrates DeFi+DAO+NFT+ cross-chain technology aims to provide services such as trading various assets and liquidity mining (such as DeFi, NFT, tokenized trading strategies) through the ADCX protocol. ADCX is built on a solid foundation of security, privacy and compliance and in the present has obtained a digital currency exchange license issued by the Australian government. The team members are DeFi innovators and have been in the blockchain industry for many years, mainly from Australia, Canada and Japan. The technical backbones are all professional DApp developers, adhering to technology-oriented, relying on the power of capital and community, and determined to build ADCX into a comprehensive cross-chain financial platform, opening a new chapter of DeFi
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