ADCX fund is a technology company with blockchain application as it's core business.

ADCX fund was established in 2015 and was awarded the digital currency exchange by the Australian government in the same year. It is the first venture capital company in Australia to focus on investing in blockchain technology-related companies. As a non-profit organization, it undertakes the responsibilities of investor education, risk warning, information disclosure, blockchain technology project review, blockchain technical personnel training, technical personnel qualification identification and capital use supervision.

ADCX fund has developed a digital asset platform to provide "on-chain" services for companies that need blockchain applications and store key corporate data on our public chain.



We invest in innovative ideea, visionary leaders and technologies that can
leverage our ecosystem to reach it's
fullest potential.


Our strategic consulting services aim to
provide customers with comprehensive and
valuable business proposals. Through the
applications of industry domain knowledge
and skills, our strategic consulting solutions
can drive business changes to exceed
customer expectations.


We aim to accelerate our portfolio
companies not only by providing
cross-border opportunities, but also by
connecting them with industry leaders to
give unfiltered guidance on how to best
fulfill end user demand.

Digital asset management platform

Rapid Development

Help companies quickly build a more
stable and safe production-level fast
connection environment reduce
challenges in blockchain development,
operation and maintenance,
management, application development,
etc., so that you can focus more on core
business innovation and achieve rapid
business on-chain.

Asset channel party

Blockchain technology makes asset
circulation change from single-center
control to social circulation, reduces
circulation costs and improves
circulation efficiency. Any channel with
resources can became a connector for
asset circulation

Asset user

The blockchain smart contract solidifies
the asset exchange rules, and the user's
assetsource, flow and use information
can be traced through the blockchain,
which is fair and transparent.


Provide high-availability, high-performance
commercial-grade infrastructure and
supporting services
for blockchain applications.

Commercial Standard

The bottom layer adopts a database
structure, supports database
heterogeneity, and supports flexible
switching of multiple consensus algorithms.

Flexible and efficient

Perfect user, key, authority management
and isolation processing ensure the
security of data account information.

Compliance & safety

One-click access development, efficient
andeasy to use, greatly reduces the
workload of business development and
maintenance, and saves personnel costs.

Quick access



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The introduction is shown


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